Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apparently, the free market sucks. Who knew?

As God is my witness, really, what to say about this?

Who are the actual bidders for Canwest newspaper chains ??

We must know the facts. Especially after reading what happened at FoxTV, we the Canadian citizens have a right to know who will be the ultimate buyer(s) of the segments that Canwest has put up for sale.

Really? We, "the Canadian citizens," have an inherent right to the internal details of that business transaction? Seriously? When exactly did Canada's conservatives suddenly abandon their whole "let the market decide, capitalism rules, laissez faire, let the highest bidder win" approach to the free market? Why is Maria "Dodo" Nunes so terribly, terribly concerned about this? Oh:

Let's not be blind like the Britishers who have sold chains over chains of their media to the Saudi oil millionaires and whose editors are now enslaved to the Middle East's point of view and whose editorial pages and staff are of muslim origin with a muslim agenda...

Do we as Canadians want our media to be sold to the Saudis? That would be the start of the end for this country. The worst form of islamisation comes from there and their dirty money is polluting every nook and corner of the world.

Read the rest. I got nuthin'.

Stephen Taylor must be incredibly proud.

WAIT, I HAVE A PLAN! It's fiendishly clever, and would stop those nefarious Saudis in their tracks. What if we create a national media outlet, totally funded by public money, that would be free of foreign influence and bias, answerable only to the Canadian taxpayer? Surely that would assuage Maria's hysterical fears, would it not?

Oh, wait ... we've got one of those. And all of the Blogging Tories hate it with a passion and want to see it dismantled.

Pity. It seemed like a good idea, didn't it?

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James Bow said...

As with many other things, these individuals are big fans of the free market economy -- until it does something they don't like. Then socialism is the answer.