Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dear God:

Please call your servant home.

Seriously. Take him. Whenever you're ready.


sooey said...

Good grief: "It's a true story"?!

ThinkingManNeil said...

Dear Pat;

Please do us all a favour and kindly fuck off and die.

Yours in contempt and loathing,

Neil H.

Southern Quebec said...

Satan writes a letter to Pat Robertson:

The Seer said...

I'm disappointed and confused by what seems to be Pat's double message here.

Was the earthquake God's blessing or God's curse?

Am I, as a Christian, supposed to love Haiti or hate Haiti?

I sincerely hope Pat brings this up in his next interview with God so we can get some clarity here. Also, I hope Pat can get God to do the next interview on tape, even though I know everybody says God doesn't do tape. I mean, for Pat Robertson, surely, this once, God could make an exception.