Sunday, January 24, 2010

The stupid keeps on stupiding.

Yes, it's cruel, but the crippling intellectual deficiency over at Blogging Tory Iceman's just keeps on rolling. Here's the latest commenter, having a wildly inappropriate "Aha!" moment:

Anonymous said...

Loved the article in today's Ottawa Sun re protest on the Hill.
Reporter says about 3500 showed up, but with people coming and going all the time, that raised the number to about 5000.

Yes, gosh darn those leftard Ottawa Sun journalists, putting their nefarious liberal slant on everything. How appallingly dishonest to admit that only 3,500 people showed up, but arbitrarily bumping that number to 5,000.

Unless ... that's not what reporter Doug Hempstead actually wrote:

About 3,500 turned out for the rally at 1 p.m., but some came and went during the two-hour event — boosting total estimates to about 5,000.

Huh. You know, when I read the actual words -- you know, the way reporter Doug Hempstead wrote them -- the impression I get is that there were 3,500 people there at 1 p.m., but given the coming and going over the two hours that followed, they figure that 5,000 people in total showed up at some point.

Admittedly, that's just a guess on my part, but I think it's more feasible than some reporter sitting down and thinking, "There were 3,500 that went, oh hell, I'll just boost that to say, 5,000, then admit to my readers that I'm making shit up and hope no one notices."

Yeah, I think my scenario is more feasible. And I think Iceman's comments section is, at the moment, the biggest retard magnet in the Canadian blogosphere. But that's just a guess, too.


Ti-Guy said...

What happened with the Ezratude promised yesterday? I'm checking back and all I see is nut-picking through the comments sections of bottom-of-the-barrel wingnut bloggers.

CC said...

Patience, dear.

Paladiea said...

This is the new conservative talking point: 100% of people didn't show up therefore failure!

Plex Flexico said...


I think there's a "Whiny Excuse Generator" located somewhere on the dashboard of those motorized goalposts the wingnuts love to drive around.

(Oh crap... now I have the image of Kathy Shaidle racing around in a Goal-Post-Mobile to the "Benny Hill" music. Oy. It's going to be one of *those* days.)

Ti-Guy said...

Patience, dear.

I'm exhausted. I was catching up on a week's worth of real news and I swear, even sane people are sounding stupid these days. Some sanctimonious "liberal" on Bill Moyers Journals was praising Obama's efforts over the course of last year to uphold the best traditions of democracy.

sooey said...

The New Conservatives appear to be dumb enough to dig themselves back to Reform Party status. They seem to think the the answer to this issue is - more shovels.