Friday, January 08, 2010

When the hell did we become "Liberals?"

Whose dumb idea was this?


Anonymous said...

This may interest you:

sooey said...

Bets on when Levant and Kinsella show up as sparring partners on a CTV political panel.

Oh - and bets on which side they'll each be on...

Anonymous said...

I like that was developped out by Payoda Technologies.... out of England... Connect the dots...

"Political Pundits | BlogsCanada | The 100% Canadian Registry of News, Information and Blogging!", not so much it would seem...

And why would they even need the following:
Refund Policy
At Blogs Canada, we stand by the value we provide to our commercial customers.
If at any point you should decide that you no longer require your commercial listing, please send an email to requesting the termination of your commercial listing.
Your listing will be removed from the site and a refund will be issued proportionate to the time left in the membership period. Any questions, concerns, or complaints can also be sent to this address.
Any refunds will be through your credit card only! (Canadian Currency)
Thank You;
Allan W Janssen

And of course heres some background
I have a site called -which I am trying to turn into Canada's premier aggregator of news, information and blogging! (I also own and a site still to be developed ......

Stimpson said...

You guys are Libs? But you seem so consistent in your views!

Lenny said...

Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green,Quebec.

I would have gone with Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green, Alberta.

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

You should take a look at their terms of use at specifically about ownership of copyright and the restrictions, which among other things include restricting people from doing the things that they are in fact doing to you.

They also tell people they WILL sue if you use the material on their website if you use it the way they're using the material on yours. You might want to send them a cease and desist, esp. as they did not contact you before they started pulling your feed into their site.

The guy who's running it is on linkedin at

Here's some more links for you:

His blog
His book
Amazon listing for his book

Make sure to read some of the reviews... apparently he's in an internecine Christian foodfight with the trustifundarians.

Apparently he's a fan of Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn:

Looks like Yet Another Anti-Muslim Bigot. He probably lumped you in with the Liberals in the belief that the air of je-ne-sais-quoi that one finds here will turn all right-thinking people against those philistines in the Liberal party.

Apparently he's also involved in the music industry.

It'd be interesting to find out if all this is being funded by his money or if it is coming from somewhere else....