Sunday, January 10, 2010

Um ... OK.

This is satire, right? Please tell me it's really, really incompetent satire. Because the thought that Craig is dead serious is kind of disturbing.

, I once tried to point out the logical consequences of that kind of thinking. Apparently, Craig wasn't paying attention.

BY THE WAY (2), I have a screenshot of Craig's proposal, just in case he tries to disappear it quietly and hope no one notices. History teaches us that folks like Craig have a bad habit of doing shit like that.

LuLu here: One can only hope that this is, in fact, satire. Unfortunately, at least where our boy Craig is concerned, one can never be too sure.


chris said...

Second link same as the first. Very catchy.

Somebody should start a facebook group to send Craig to Afghanistan. I understand it's quite cheap if you get a military discount.

CC said...

Whoops, second link fixed.

Anonymous said...

Seems that craig is serious.

He gladly admits that torture does not yield any useful information but encourages it on a matter of principle... War and all that...

I think that he is seriously deranged. It's safe to say that craig is just hate mongering against Islam (the complete religion).

I really wish we could cull the likes of craig, Maria Numes, dr roy... after all it is what they wish upon others...

Boris said...

The juxtaposition of that post with his avatar of what I can only assume is his child, is simply foul.

ForestP said...

little Bobby Devine an 'Up to date look at me without the oxygen hose under my nose and around behind my ears.'

*I think you have hit on a real plan here. This could work better than take no prisoners. Catch them and torture them. Don`t even ask them any questions You wouldn`t be able to trust the answers anyway. I think this could turn into a fine deterrent for our side.*

I thought people grew wiser with age?

Dr.Dawg said...

I don't think this is satire. Satire always has a moral. What would the moral of this post be?

The post is either a send-up of a right-wing point of view, or it's on the level. The former, given the source, is highly unlikely.