Saturday, January 09, 2010

In which I am once again right about everything all of the time.

Back here, I warned you, didn't I? I warned you that the same people who kept yammering on about an earlier Facebook group against a coalition government -- "We had 127,000 members! Top that, suckah! 127,000!! Freakin' A!!! Boo yah!!! 127,000!!!! Suck on that!!!!!!" -- would, as soon as the current Facebook group against prorogation started to hit those numbers, immediately begin a frantic tap dance to redefine the metric for success -- "Hey, it's not just about the numbers, you know? There are other things to consider, like, uh, you know, not numbers."

And so it begins, starting with Andrew Coyne's weaselly, graceless and classless mea culpa during which he admits that he was full of crap, and that's when the goalpost-moving commenters take over here:

"Could it be that Canadians are not so apathetic as I made out?"

I'll believe it if the rallies are well attended.

and particularly here:

How many people did 22-minutes get to sign-up for the petition to change Stockwell Day's name to Doris?

Let's not start governing based on Facebook groups, please? Apathy, I think, would be better.

I'll bet you could get 108,000 people to sign-up on Facebook for Stalinism.

That's why the minimum requirement for voting is you at least have to drag your arse outta the house.

How do you know all of these 108,000 are actually Canadian? Anyone checking?

Damn straight! We've suddenly decided that raw numbers are not so important, and who's checking out these people, hell, some of them might not even be white, I mean, what the hell, man?

I'm thinking they'll be tracking IP addresses next, because it's important to know who these people are, don't you think?


double nickel said...

Cause this is such a burning issue for non-Canadians? What a bunch of fuckups.

sooey said...

The smart thing to do now would be to un-Prorogue Parliament. But Harper's too stubborn to admit he was wrong.

Let them keep digging themselves right out of Government, I say. It'll be the reverse of the anti-Liberal vote that got those New Conservative goons elected.

Haha - they never learn. Thank gawd.

Anonymous said...

They will be surpassed in the next, say, 2 minutes. We'll see how they'll move the goalposts then.

fern hill said...

Magic number was 126,870. Surpassed at 1:25 p.m. EST. Just now, 126,889!

Motorized goalposts gearing up. :D