Friday, January 08, 2010

Why the "Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament" Facebook group sucks.

Let's follow the frantic, desperate arguments emanating from Canada's whackjobs and wingnuts as to why their Facebook group was super, ultra, mega-cool, while this new Facebook group blows dead bears.

Initially, it was, "Har har har, we had 127,000 members and you guys are pathetic! Har har har!"

Now that the CAPP Facebook group has exceeded 100,000 members, the dissing has to be reworded. Here's Captain Canada Stephen Taylor, trying to distract everyone with a bright, shiny level of stupid as he moves the goalposts:

We'll see if those Facebook users can move past poking each other online and hit the streets to protest. We turned out about 20,000 real life people (ie. offline) to protest. It appears that the prorogies have so far turned out 5: ...

In other words, Taylor has just redefined the metric for success. Now that the pure membership number threatens to kick his ass (nullifying that first argument), success shall be measured by actual political activism out on the streets because, after all, it's critically important to suddenly ignore and minimize the very argument you were just making now that you can't make it any more.

And Canada's most senile blogger Sandy Crux has a totally different approach:

Skinny — I would agree with you except most of the anti-group are simply Harper/Conservative haters. Otherwise, getting involved in a group like that is the essence of democracy.

Did you catch that? When Conservatives do it, it's a true grassroots expression of the democratic ideal. When progressives do it, it's just a bunch of haters so they don't count.

What other pathetic rationalizations should we expect to see? Surely they're going to get even stupider than the above. It's kind of inevitable.

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deBeauxOs said...

Or perhaps they choose to conveniently dismiss any opposition to Harper's Cons as personal hate-on, because Gawd knows, there's certainly enough incompetence, dishonesty, anti-democratic manipulation and possibly, corruption there to disturb ordinary Canadian citizens.