Thursday, January 14, 2010

Apparently, we progressives suck.

In case you haven't had your morning incoherence yet:

Prorogue Not Very Important Now, Is It?

Funny how real human suffering can make those yipping about Parliament being prorogued look really small.

Yeah, it's gotta be embarrassing for all those 186,000+ folks to not have predicted that earthquake and gotten all hepped up over prorogation when there was a natural disaster due to happen a couple weeks in the future. Man, I bet they feel like idiots.

Oh, and Hunter would like to chide you a little more:

By the way who was that idiotic reporter who asked Minister Cannon if this meant that Parliament needed to be recalled? I'm glad he didn't answer her. Who ever she was, she was out of line by making the disaster in Haiti a political issue.

Yeah, making Haiti a "political" issue ... what kind of douchebag does that?


LK Taylor said...

That excellent reporter sounded like Julie Van Dusen, to me. And, like the lying cowards they are, they got away as fast as they could.Yes, Haiti is where our attention and help is needed right now, but Harper will still have to answer for his actions. Yes, the man with the '6000 mile screw-driver' has a brief reprieve, but the unprecedented degradation of our Democracy will not be forgotten. And many of us are willing to fight the 'powers that be', resposible for taking us down the Republican road to ruination. Don't worry, it can wait. He has to face Parliament (and the electorate) some day...LK Taylor (no relation).

Ti-Guy said...

Hideous, hideous harridan. Cart horse. Pack mule.