Thursday, January 14, 2010

Because Liberals love dead brown people, I guess.

Shorter Blogging Tory Erwin Gerrits: "It's utterly unthinkable that any other Prime Minister would have reacted with such speed and compassion. That's why Stephen's so dreamy. *Sigh*."

, here comes the "But ... but ... but ... the Liberals!!!", as commenter "Alberta Girl" ignores tens of thousands of dead Haitians to take a cheap shot:

Contrast that with the Liberal gov’t five years ago in Indonesia.

“The federal government has faced questions as to why Canada has not yet sent out its 200-member rapid response unit, which can operate a mobile command centre, a medical facility, and water purification equipment capable of producing 100,000 litres of clean drinking water.

Officials have said the team is not a “short-term response mechanism” and usually isn’t deployed within the first 72 hours of a crisis.

But they did not rule out sending it.

Perhaps someone with some serious military chops would like to explain to AG that Canada's DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team) is not a "rapid" response team. I'm guessing the distinction will be lost on those idiots.

Here's a thought -- let's see how many of Canada's wankers pick up on that meme and accuse the Liberals of a total lack of compassion from five years ago. You can see the talking point picking up steam from here, can't you?


Shiner said...

Yup, those are the new marching orders.

Greg Weston acts like Harper is on the ground clearing debris with his bare hands.

Goldstein thinks we should just put aside our "petty differences" and "political infighting" to focus on the disaster.

CC said...

Can you imagine how quickly Harper could have resolved that whole Afghan detainee issue? Apparently, Steve-O really can get stuff done when he puts his mind to it.

Who knew?

CanNurse said...

Does anything EVER penetrate True Believers' faith? The man saw his plummeting poll numbers & grabbed the opportunity of a disaster to try to prop up his own PR. Gawd! Can't believe the Cons still actually believe he does ANYTHING that is not primarily for his own self-interest.

ForestP said...

Our initial pecuniary help is only 5 million dollars. You can hardly push the argument of a grandiose humanitarian effort with 5 million bucks. I suppose the tents and blankets that are being sent will be good for the Haitians for the next 10-15 years long after the cadavres are pulled out of the rubble. Oh wait is that another hurricane on the horizon?

Haiti has been a disaster zone for decades.

Boris said...

Ye may jist want te run a searche fer DART over at the Beaver for your military chops post on DART.

M@ said...

Some perspective on the DART question is provided here.