Friday, September 11, 2009

Aspiring to simple insanity.

Blogging Tory "North West Tory" writes one of the pants-pissingly funniest things I've read in a coon's age:

We should establish an organization that watches the left wing media. I mean like a hawk. It's called A "conservative media monitoring centre."

Good thinking, NWT. First thing, I figure you should expose that whole "coalition government" proposal as a sleazy, backroom, fascist undermining of democratic principles and an unconstitutional attempt to overturn the results of a fair election, rather than just, you know, a perfectly legal option under Canadian law that most sane and educated people believe it to be. Then I'd demand to see Barack Obama's birth certificate. God knows, he's gotten away with being an illegitimate president long enough.

After that, biological evolution. Fucking liberal media conspiracy, that. I'm sure Denyse O'Leary would be glad to help. You two can compare meds.


sassy said...

conservative media monitoring centre - Mike Duffy could head it up.

Ti-Guy said...

How about "Conservative Remedial Reading Centre?" These loonies have learn to read for comprehension first before they even dare to suggest they can tackle the complex issues involved in bias.