Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ah, the crippling irony.

OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGOD, Barack Obama said something incorrect!!!! Be sure to appreciate that this howling laughter at a verbal gaffe of Obama's is from someone who absolutely worships the intellectual prowess of Sarah Palin.

Yeah, ruminate on that for a while.


Rough Canuk said...

hahaha. Even the Germans subtitle, in German, the German audio in Austrian broadcasts. Obama is not far wrong.

now if only the yanks could learn them some proper english.

Southern Quebec said...

I pointed out to Dodo that "Hunter" "thinks" people from Mexico speak Mexican. She didn't post it...but I'm sure that's different!

The Doc said...

Actually, that comment could be referring to culture. Austrian does have dialectal differences between Austria and the other nations which share German as a language.
Wheeling and Dealing, for example, is a very "American/North American" term.

liberal supporter said...

This is something only a German or and Austrian or a neo-Nazi would know.
Take your pick.

KEvron said...

what was the point of her padding the post with a thesaurus c&p? they do that sometimes, and i never get the point, but i'm really confounded this time.


Bismark said...

It's called Österreichisches Deutsch, so he wasn't actually incorrect and it's a bit more complicated an Maria and Hunter seem to think (I use the term loosely, of course in their case).

Metro said...

Y'know, I'm still amazed that anyone's still visiting Dodo Barely Maintains Bladder Function. She's probably the single stupidest of a very dumb set, and like all outliers in the set she can probably be safely ignored.

So why expose one's eyes or brain to the painful pile of stupid that is Dodo?

WV= Crodowl
Where's Ray Comfort?