Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lawsuit, or no lawsuit?

Just for the entertainment value, let's do a quick recap (emphasis thigh-suckingly added):

On May 21, after a Kenyan airport official suggested Mohamud's lips and eyeglasses were different from her four-year-old passport photo, the hapless traveller laid out all her ID at the Canadian High Commission.

She displayed her Ontario driver's licence, OHIP card, social insurance card and Canadian citizenship certificate.

She showed her credit card, two bank cards, Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum card, Humber River Regional Hospital Card and a recent dry cleaning receipt from One Hour Brighten Cleaners on Lawrence Ave. W., near her Toronto address.

She produced a letter from her Toronto employer, ATS courier service, about a recent promotion.

The high commission rejected them all. Worse, instead of helping Mohamud, they sent her voided passport to Kenyan immigration authorities to help them prosecute her.

Make sure you understand what happened here. This is a whole new level of Conservative Party ugliness.

Unlike previous cases, during which members or representatives of Canada's Racist Government simply looked the other way and refused to lift a finger or get off their doughy, pock-marked asses to help a Canadian citizen, what the above represents is active obstruction. It represents an instance of Canada's embassy officials explicitly stripping a Canadian citizen of her basic rights as a citizen, and explicitly handing her over to a foreign government for prosecution.

This is no longer just negligence. This is an overt violation of Canada's Charter of Rights and, if there is a God, someone should be going to jail for this. Seriously. Prison.


Ti-Guy said...

Absolutely. Prison.

Anonymous said...

I think that few kicks to Cannon's scrotum would be as effective....
Not that I'm encouraging anyone to do that.

Boris said...

Prison full stop

Lindsay Stewart said...

High commissioner recalled, indicted and tried.

Lawrence Cannon fired from cabinet, stripped of committee duties, indicted and tried.

Jason Kenney fired from cabinet, stripped of committee duties, indicted and tried.

Stephen Harper consigned to the compost heap of history as just another bad idea in a blue pullover.

Bunch of crooked douchebags.

Dr.Dawg said...

Meanwhile, Stephen Harper readies his Fall election theme song.

deBeauxOs said...

Everything Lindsay said, plus kicks to Cannon's and Kenney's scrotums (scroti ?).

Okay, the kicking part is only a joke.

Wha...? Don't think it's funny, rightwingtards?

deBeauxOs said...

Okay, I clicked on Dr Dawg's musical link. It played on my Windows Media Player - the plenoptic visual accompaniment was a large swirling blob/cluster fuck with the occasional red ejaculate and/or bloodspray.

How did the Media Player know?

Zorpheous said...

Each one of these stranded and abandond Canadians should be mention once ever hour on every tv and radio station during the next election with the Harper's old election saying

"Standing up for Canadians"

Fuck Harper and the CPC, fuck the blogging whories

bocanut said...

So you politically correct progressives find her ordeal entertaining?

Dr.Dawg said...

Fuck, he can't read, either.

liberal supporter said...

bocanut was the one who could not differentiate between reporting lies and reporting the liars.

Hi Sarah!


bocanut said...

Your idiot-in-chief's opening line:

"Just for the entertainment value, let's do a quick recap (emphasis thigh-suckingly added):"

liberal supporter said...

First of all, the ordeal is over, unless of course, Canada's New Government manages to maintain its streak and fuck her around yet again.

So the entertainment value is based on assuming they are finally doing the right thing, and laughing at them for being so profoundly stupid.

Kind of like the way everyone here laughs at you, Sawah.


KEvron said...

"So you politically correct progressives find her ordeal entertaining?"

more proof that conservatives have no sense of humor....


wv = "waystin". ain't it the truth.

theo said...

What I find most distressing in all of these Foreign Service / Embassy related scenarios is the robotic actions of the people in those positions doing the bidding of the PMO without any thought to legality, common sense and decency. Has the CPC completely re-populated our Foreign Service with their ideological soulmates? Are the rules and structures so inviolate that anything issued from the PMO must be obeyed?