Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I never get tired of being right.

Hey, kids, remember who wrote this?

Should we take bets on what total clusterfuck is going to happen now? Seriously, this is the Stephen Harper government we're talking about here. We just need to figure out how they're going to keep jerking her around. You know it's coming.

And here you go:

Canada's indifference toward Suaad Hagi Mohamud surfaced again today with officials denying her request for identification papers and other help.

"I've got nothing," she said by phone from Nairobi, Kenya, two days after DNA tests validated identity claims she had been making for nearly three months.

Read the whole thing. Seriously.


Balbulican said...

I think your obsessive criticism of the blogging Tories for failing to support Ms. Mohamud is misguided. Hers is not the only tragic instance of oppression and suffering among Canadian. Today Right Girl Wendy Sullivan is drawing our attention to the horrific persecution of her friends by Human Rights Commissions. And - hey, so is tireless freedom fighter Kathy Shaidle. Oh, and so is Mr. Kathy Shaidle.

Let's not forget where the real danger to our freedom lies. It's not a government that ignores brown citizens with funny names overseas (they're not REAL Canadians, anyway) - it's those annoying people that get in the way of our right to preach hate with impunity

chris said...

Ms. Mohamud will be on As It Happens tonight. Should be interesting.

CC said...

Unless Mohamud uses that opportunity to tear a strip off the Harper government and flat out accuse them of being racists, then that interview will be a waste of everyone's time.

Dr.Dawg said...

The Toronto Star is calling a spade a spade at last:

liberal supporter said...

The Toronto Star is calling a spade a spade at last.
Wow! I'm sure dozens of people without subscriptions will call to cancel their subscriptions.

Noni Mausa said...

The Star misses accuracy in its lead paragraph, which reads: "...Canada's indifference toward Suaad Hagi Mohamud..."

No, you can't do this sort of thing with indifference. You need deliberate malice to do this.

But fall is coming and with it an election. Do you think there is an "ethnic" Canadian who will be wooed in this election cycle by Harper and his Harperettes, with or without fuzzy sweaters?


liberal supporter said...

I think the CPC brain trust is hoping to pander to anti-immigrant people. Even "ethnics" can be manipulated into this, by drawing a distinction between "good" immigrants and "bad" ones. They've already started the process by the Mexican visa restrictions. They'll blame the Liberals for the flawed refugee determination process and its huge backlog.
Somehow, they'll relate it to Ignatieff being out of the country for years and claim that "good" immigrants are better Canadians than the years absent Iggy.

Backseat Blogger said...

the racism argument just doesn't fly. it reeks of conspiracy theories, 9/11 wingnuts, and republican birthers.

fact.. if you're travelling visitng family in kenya or somalia chances are 'they're brown people' (as has been written) the same goes for the case in ethiopia.

bureaucrats would not be doing their job if they didn't properly check everyone's documentation(particularly since it was reported that passport forgery is common in the area).

it certainly doesn't mean that the government is ipso facto racist and to imply such is just the usual over the top CC logorrhea.

That being said the treatment of this lady by Canadian diplomats is appalling. The fact that it continues even after her identity is 100% proven is just mind boggling.

i gather her lawyer will be in court to force the government to get her home within 48 hours. i hope he wins and i hope the judge rakes the government over the coals it so richly deserves.

i hope that when she gets back to canada and files a big fat lawsuit.

if i were a lawyer, i'd be happy to represent her pro bono.

her treatment is apalling.

liberal supporter said...

the racism argument just doesn't fly. it reeks of conspiracy theories, 9/11 wingnuts, and republican birthers.
Actually the racism argument flies well. It boils down to giving the benefit of the doubt or not, and if not, trying to be very sure of your case when calling someone an impostor.

The racism argument in this situation is the same one that sees requires someone of the wrong race to be twice as good to be seen as equal.

The racism argument also flies when considering that most people would believe that there is more racism among CPC supporters than the other parties, and the government is keeping its mouth shut to keep them happy.

When it was getting stranded Canadians out of Lebanon, Steve himself went to get them. Then came the moaning about Canadians of convenience, but the photo op with Lebanese, mostly Christians and white, was made.

liberal supporter said...

it reeks of conspiracy theories, 9/11 wingnuts, and republican birthers.
No, the conspiracy theory is this:
The case of poor Ms. Mohamud proves that photo identification on a passport is ineffective. Therefore we need a central database of everyone's fingerprints and retinal scans. The database also includes the number on the RFID chip that everyone will be implanted with if they want to travel, or do any form of buying and selling.

Dr.Dawg said...

it reeks of conspiracy theories, 9/11 wingnuts, and republican birthers.

Two words: Brenda Martin.

KEvron said...

"the racism argument just doesn't fly."

how else, then, do you account for the disenfranchisement which you, yourself, acknowledge? racism may not account for motivation so much as it does for the lack thereof. no need to conspire to simply be indifferent.


KEvron said...

....would you agree to a passive chauvinism?

KEvron said...

....not so passive on the part of your chc officer....


wv = "psyncat". username up for grabs, hipster doofuses.

bocanut said...

Dawg :
Get with the program ,it's a Conservatives hate all brown people thing .
Don't go throwing a white woman to confuse all the idiots here.