Sunday, August 02, 2009

And the mask slips a little bit more.

Weirdly, given the vile racist that he is, the Blogging Tory known as "Raphael Alexander" gets all panty-bunchy about foreigners having abortions:

China Has More Abortions Per Year Than The Population Of Greece

Even more weirdly, Blogging Tory co-founder Craig Smith seizes the opportunity to lament the white man's misfortune, or something:

Selfishness is destroying the WASP culture. Nobody cares though – especially on the left where their anti-evolutionary tendencies actually cheer for other cultures and peoples at the cost of their own.

When I figure out what the fuck Craig is drooling about, I will have some absolutely devastating snark as rebuttal.

: A commenter points out the hilarious hypocrisy of the Right, to which Craig, in a spasm of complete incoherence, responds:

A large proportion of the anti-abortion crowd are also anti-contraception. So WTF (literally) are humans supposed to do? Masturbation.. wait.. not officially sanctioned by the appropriate regulatory bodies either.

Oh – I see your logic – kill babies so that you can have an orgasm – makes perfect sense!

Ladies and gentlemen, one of your Blogging Tories co-founders. Let's give him a big hand.

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