Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kneel before Zod. Kneel, I say.

Sometimes, it's a real burden being perpetually right about everything, like back here, where I poked gentle fun at Peter MacKay's adorable optimism that them troops was gonna come, yessiree, don't know from where but they was coming.

Fast forward to yesterday:

PM lowers expectations that France will provide 1,000 troops

BUCHAREST — Prime Minister Stephen Harper goes into a crucial two-day NATO summit Wednesday with lingering uncertainty about whether he will get the additional troops he was counting on to extend Canada's mission to Afghanistan, with the possibility still remaining that he could leave empty-handed...

... Defence Minister Peter MacKay and government officials warned in their strongest language yet that it was possible Canada could leave Bucharest without the commitments they sought.

In other awe-inspiring prognostications, Suzie All-Caps will obsess over fetuses today. Yeah, sometimes I really go out on a limb, don't I?

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