Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I believe those are called “fighting words”.

During yesterday’s Question period, Liberal Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff takes the RCMP raid on Conservative Party headquarters, hangs it around Big Daddy’s neck and rings it like a fucking cow bell (emphasis gleefully added).

"How did it get to this -- an RCMP squad raiding the offices of the Conservative Party," asked Liberal Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff.

"Why did (the RCMP) have to pry information from this government's clenched fist ... This is what you get when you play fast and loose with election law. This is what you get when you stonewall Elections Canada ... This is what you get with this prime minister. He sets the tone. Will he finally admit (that) this is about his character?"

When you’re that much of a micromanaging control freak, Big Daddy, you end up wearing everything. And let me say that, as always, it looks outstanding on you.

I told you this was going to be fun.


Mike said...

So, ya think they'll finally vote no-confidence in these asshats?

I hope so, because one more cave in may cause me to buy ammo.

liberal supporter said...

Just when the premise of Monty Python and the Holy Grail was getting a little thin, that is when the cops showed up.

Same here. They'll be rolling the credits on this CPC interregnum soon enough.

Zorpheous said...

RCMP, elections officials still inside Tory headquarters
Last Updated: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 | 2:30 PM ET Comments19Recommend44
CBC News

RCMP officers and Elections Canada officials are continuing their search for documents inside Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa a day after raiding the party's offices, CBC News has learned.

Elections Canada is pursuing an investigation into alleged spending irregularities by the party in the last federal election.

CBC News first reported RCMP officers were seen Tuesday in the 12th-floor party offices and the 17th-floor mailroom.

The CBC's James Fitz-Morris was outside Conservative headquarters on Wednesday as the officials emerged with several boxes of documents.

The door to the party headquarters is now under guard after dozens of media cameras — as well as a Liberal research team — descended upon the offices to capture Tuesday's raid.

The Conservatives are accusing Elections Canada of creating a media "circus" out of the raid of their offices, which they have linked to a civil lawsuit brought by the party against Elections Canada.

Niles said...

Slightly off-topic...and yet not, I need to ask the gen-pop a question. First the set-up. Last night a friend recieved a phone call which said friend said was someone calling on behalf of the Conservative Party and Stephen Harper and wanted to thank said friend for voting for the Torys last election. Although, first the caller asked for said friend's landlord and when told it was a wrong number, THEN asked for said friend.

Now...the fact this was obviously a cold call using a voters' list aside...

...what part of (and yes, I do trust the friend to have faithfully recalled the conversation, having been somewhat flabbergasted by it) *phishing* a (in this case, Alberta) residence to:

a/ falsely (dog, I hope this is falsely) claim the CPOC knows how residents voted and
b/ using any subsequent confession/sputtering to find out how residents truly voted not something that should be added to Elections Canada investigation?

Has anyone else had this happen (in Alberta or otherwise) in the last while? This sounds like a really squicky thing, but I can see people falling for it, being tricked into revealing how they voted.

While my friend told the caller the subject wasn't going to be discussed and hung up, this would be sooooome prank to call with the names of residents known. I know I'm waiting by the phone to see if this hits me, because...they got some 'SPLAININ' to do.

Ti-Guy said...

But but but...teh fiberals!..boondoggles..!...ADSCAM!...


Zorpheous said...

More Tea?

Pale said...

That is kinda disturbing..

I would have answered that I did a write vote in for the Rhino party.

Or that I was dead, when they asked for me by name. Hmmmm. wonder if they would have me struck from the voters list or claim fraud when I showed up to vote.
Oh I could have SOOOOOO much fun.