Saturday, February 12, 2022

Windsor deputy police chief Jason Bellaire: Pandering simp.

Jesus Christ ... if Bellaire was any more of a pandering and sympathetic suck-up to the Ambassador Bridge protesters, he'd be hand-delivering coffee and giving them all hot oil massages while applying two coats of wax to their big rigs.

Fucking hell, but what an utter waste of skin.


Anonymous said...

All the while, the Fuckers Brigade complains about how they've been treated by the "police".

"We said THREE coats of wax for our big rigs, you fucking morons! Stop oppresing us with this two coats bullshit!"

Good god, we live in the stupidest timeline.

double nickel said...

What anon said. JFC.

lungta said...

The love-in aspect of this occupation (police on truckers, truckers on truckers, politicians on truckers)
plus the cheerleading sections with no real comprehension of what is really happening
plus the buck passing
and the pent up rage
most worrying are the lurking organizers using the whole scene
drooling in the background waiting, hoping to be installed
this cannot end well