Friday, February 11, 2022

Well, isn't this special?

In the midst of a lengthy Twitter thread about the hearing for an injunction against protesters at the Ambassador Bridge, look what we have here:

That would be Rebel News'/Ezra Levant's partner-in-grift, The Democracy Fund, putting the lie once and for all to Ezra's claim that he is running a "media outlet" when he is, in fact, advocating for and financing insurrection and domestic terrorism.

I'm sure you're shocked.


Anonymous said...

Quelle suprise! (Said no one ever)

Anonymous said...

The one good thing about the past two weeks: Ezra and team have openly and proudly abetted, supported, promoted, fundraised for and conspired with a criminal occupation and disruption of Canadian infrastructure. They didn't even pretend to "cover" it - they pumped out three weeks worth of uncritical, gleeful cheerleading.

We REAlLY need a tough Parliamentary investigation into the degree of collusion between the Rebel, the Democracy Fund, and the deep pocketed political interests who promoted and bankrolled this: and I am quite sure there's considerable appetite on the hill for exactly that. Can't wait.