Sunday, February 13, 2022

Unsolicited relationship advice.

If you want a happy marriage, find a partner that looks at you the way Ontario law enforcement looks at white lawbreakers.


Rev.Paperboy said...

now, now CC -- c'mon Premier Dougie came home from snowmobiling at the cottage in Muskoka (where he took many many calls at strange hours because he works so hard, dontcha know?)and worked real hard to figure out how to blame the whole thing on the prime minister and then took decisive action by sending the OPP to Windsor to sit on their asses next to the Windsor cops. It a good move, because the Windsor cops were getting lonesome and had nothing to do, as the city budget is so tight they apparently can't even afford tear gas or pepper spray. Well done Premier Dougie, way to help out those poor lonely cops! Meanwhile heroic Premier Dougie can now go back to snowmobiling!

Pray for thin ice, folks.

Anonymous said...

He came home to watch the big football game. He can point the rabbit ears at Buffalo and see the US feed with the real ads. At the cottage it is only satellite and all simsub since he can't be seen with an illegal Dish account. Streaming is not great up there.