Monday, February 28, 2022

Um ... wut?

I was unaware that the purpose of the Keystone XL pipeline was to *checks notes* reduce Canada's dependence on Russian oil:

The things you learn reading Rebel News.


Anonymous said...

To be fair, seems that the right--wing-o-shere nutters are all bleating about Keystone XL.

They really are silly buggers.

Anonymous said...

The KXL name says it all: Keystone Export Limited. The plan was, and is, to export our tar to the US. Building KXL doesn't ween Canada off Russian oil at all. Comrade Ezra of course knows that.

Purple library guy said...

So, like . . . we have to rely on Russian oil because not building a pipeline forces us to KEEP OURS IN CANADA? I know alt-right "logic" never makes any sense when you look at it for two seconds, or relies on completely fantasyland "facts", but this is just beyond, it's like the two parts of the complaint don't connect at all.

(The US version of the meme is only slightly less silly . . . the US exports oil. And they sanction Russia. Probably in all the crazy globalized transportation they end up importing some oil while exporting other oil, but from other places, not from Russia)

Anonymous said...

Trudeau just banned Russian oil imports. So much for "forcing us to rely on Russia for oil."