Monday, February 14, 2022

Those were the (foreign-funded) days.

Hey, kids ... remember when Canada's right-wing douche-o-sphere was spewing-blood-from-every-orifice outraged by foreign funded deep pocket puppet masters interfering in the Canadian political process?

Seriously, watch the entire clip to truly appreciate Ethical Oil's in-house hypocritical, yammering dumbshit Kathryn Marshall embarrass herself beyond description.


Anonymous said...

Good god, she's dim.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Bitumen Barbie married to Rebel Media director, Scheer campaign manager, Con 2019 campaign chair and all-around dweeb Hamish Marshall? Talk about embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

We know that Cons are hypocrites.
The issue is that they will do mental gymnastics to deny that.
Their catomites will have no issues with that.

thwap said...

"But it's cute when WE do it!"