Sunday, February 06, 2022

The dishonesty of trucker convoy supporters.


But they have been heard ... so that's not the issue here, is it, Jim? What they are now demanding is an end to all mandates, and the resignation of Justin Trudeau, and the dissolution of Parliament, and who the fuck knows what else by now?

So Jim above is simply lying ... the convoy does not want to simply be heard; rather, they are insisting that all their absurd and idiotic demands be implemented. There's a difference, Jim. You know that, right?


Anonymous said...

When being heard equals being heard honking truck horns 24/7, we're talking about violence and certainly nuissance. Since the truckers always intended to do that, the word "perhaps" is doing some heavy lifting here.

Anonymous said...

Sadly no, they don’t know that. In my experience, when the far-right says they just want people to “listen” and they just want to “be heard”, it is always code for unquestioning subservience. Anything less is “considered “not listening”. Of course, they have no intention of granting the same rights/freedoms to others which is really the thing that exposes their true intentions and motivations.