Thursday, February 03, 2022

Is someone working on a truckers' blacklist?

It occurs that one simple way to push back against the racist, Nazi truckers currently holding Ottawa hostage is to have a public list of them somewhere ... you know, maybe, "Racist, Nazi truckers holding Ottawa hostage who should never work again," and start collecting names.

Here, let me start by identifying one of the big rigs parked on Rideau off of King Edward for the last couple days, festooned with massive signage containing crap like, "Freedom Convoy/No Mandates/Vaccines Kill/Hang Trudeau from a Lamppost" ... you know, rubbish like that.

That would be "Stetson Carriers Ltd" of Altona, MB:

And, gosh, wouldn't it be delightful if social media made sure these people never carried another load?

There was another similarly-festooned rig, but I didn't catch the ID; I can take care of that this afternoon, and maybe we can all start a list. In the meantime, if you have any working relationship with the aforementioned Stetson Carriers, consider taking your business elsewhere.


Dino said...

I have mentioned this before, maybe not here.
Everyone of those trucks, along with their licence plate, should have either a company name or the owner- operator identified somewhere on the cab.
Unless, of course, they are an outlaw gravel hauler from Cowbarf Sask.
If anyone is in the area, and only if you can do it safely, that camera on your phone should be utilized.
Your social media informed.
Only if it is safe.

Anonymous said...

The extreme right-wing and fringe elements like to "name and shame" - but seem to have no shame themselves.

I see no reason not to turn the table around.

As for Stetson

1 inspection
3 violations