Monday, February 07, 2022

Dear truckers: You might want to read the fine print.

Wow, this sounds impressive:

Except that, as we all know, you need to read to the bottom to learn that Der Rebel will, under no circumstances, pay your fine for you -- they will simply supply you with legal representation to fight your ticket, a legal spat which you will lose, given such indefensible and egregious unlawful activity as driving an 18-wheeler on the sidewalk and stuff like that there.

So, truckers, make sure you understand -- you will be paying those tickets. And, donors, make sure you understand -- you will be making a small group of right-wing lawyers and their handlers fabulously rich.

Just so we're clear on this.

P.S. The potentially amusing upside to Rebel News' shameless grift here is that the truckers, who are not the sharpest sandwiches in the picnic basket, will most likely misinterpret Rebel News' munificence as offering to pay their tickets, which will most likely make them more willing to break the law thinking their malfeasance will be covered, only to subsequently learn a very expensive lesson about how grift really works.

Let's watch.


Anyone notice something a little odd here? Why, yes ... Mr. Anber is a criminal lawyer, a point emphasized by the carefully-selected references to arrest or seizure of property. But the majority of tickets that were issued don't fall into that category -- there were numerous tickets handed out for parking violations, or noise violations and so on, but Ezra assures one and all that all tickets will be contested, and he is fundraising on what appears to be a pretty significant ambiguity.

So what's the story? Is Mr. Anber, a criminal lawyer, going to hie his ass down to the courthouse to fight someone's parking fine or anti-idling violation? Really? What the hell is going on here? Perhaps someone can ask Mr. Anber.

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rev.paperboy said...

As was said in Breaking Bad about Saul Goodman. "he's not just a criminal lawyer, he's a criminal lawyer.'