Monday, February 07, 2022

Dear Ottawa: It's over, and the truckers have won.

I had occasion to walk down to Rideau and Sussex to pop into the Shoppers Drug Mart in Rideau Centre, and I can safely report that the Freedom Convoy is in total control of that entire intersection. It looks like a war zone, with vehicles large and small strewn across every approach to that intersection.

I saw massive rigs happily idling in contravention of Ottawa's strict anti-idling laws; I saw a man wheeling a cart of fuel cans across the intersection; I saw a Subaru SUV up on jacks (undoubtedly to make it more difficult to move), and all of this was in full and unobstructed view of numerous police cruisers, all of which contained members of the local constabulary who showed absolutely no interest in doing anything about any of this.

It's now obvious that Ottawa has possibly the shittiest police force in the country, and we are all now paying the price for it.


Anonymous said...

TO's back to normal today after protests on the weekend. Good thing we sent our deputy-chief Sloly to Ottawa so we had competent cops in charge. Sorry about that...

Purple library guy said...

Far as I know, in Vancouver it was one day and done. And the mayor of Vancouver said flat out that the whole thing had very little to do with vaccination, but a lot to do with hate, and they weren't welcome here. Kennedy Stewart is one of the better mayors we've ever had.