Saturday, February 12, 2022

Constabulary determined to clear Ambassador Bridge blockade.

[Windsor, ON] A spokesperson for OPP, RCMP and Windsor police explained to a local CBC reporter that, with the power of a court injunction backing them up, law enforcement was going to be clearing the Ambassador Bridge blockade in short order.

"We've got boots on the ground, and we're determined to get this done by tonight, maybe tomorrow morning. Possibly this weekend, but there's no way we want to let this go to the end of the month.

"If this is still dragging on into March, we're going to get serious, and the end of March is absolutely the latest we'll tolerate.

"April is right out."

Off to the side, three protesters could be seen building a smoker and signing for a delivery of 150 pounds of baby back ribs and a hot tub.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Ottawa, pass the tissue box, the cops are about to start crying. "The Ottawa Police Service says its officers were overwhelmed by aggressive behaviour from demonstrators opposed to COVID-19 public health measures on Friday night." I expected a little more toughness from these Sunshine List employees.

Purple library guy said...

This all isn't doing much for the narrative that we're supposed to be deferential and sympathetic to cops because their job involves risking their lives for all our sakes. Like, far as I can tell there isn't even really any life-risking involved in clearing these bozos away--maybe the risk of having some blunt objects tossed your way and having fellow whites say nasty things to you. Maybe a scuffle or two. Big fat hairy deal. But apparently they can't handle it. So what was the job again? Standing around looking spiffy in a uniform? Seems like that's about all they can handle.