Friday, February 11, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The shit just keeps coming.

A (slightly-edited) chunk of prose just received from Patrick Ross arch-nemesis Peter Skinner of Edmonton, who Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen is currently suing for one million dollars for making fun of him:

Just got off the phone with OSB [Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy].

They are updating the court in relation to Patrick's lawsuit that not only does he not have standing on his own (no trustee to file or transfer to him, and still very undischarged) but his service address is worthless because he's failed to answer any letter mail from them. He refuses to take their calls as well.

Once it's in place, I'm told I will get an automatic copy from the courts as will Patrick.

The woman who called this morning was someone higher in the food chain than my previous guy, and she said this should have been done on my behalf months ago.

With all that said, a judge makes the final determination on proceeding but whenever they've gotten involved the justice usually kicks it out of court and awards costs to the defendant. Patrick, if given the opportunity to pay surety, he can't. He's still an undischarged bankrupt and no matter the amount of surety, that money should be going to you.

Being Patrick broke his bankruptcy terms and you've had him removed from protections, any money left over from his basic living expenses should be turned over to his trustee or the sheriff who's in the process of seizing money/property.

And if Patrick thinks it can't get any worse, well, I have bad news for him ...

AFTERSNARK: There is some entertainment value in realizing that Patrick's idiotic attempt at inconveniencing Peter Skinner with that asinine million-dollar defamation lawsuit is now going to blow back on him in that not only will it be kicked to the curb but Peter will be awarded costs of (probably) a couple thousand, which Patrick will (naturally) refuse to pay, destroying his credit rating even further (if that is even physically possible at this point).

It's tempting to enumerate the myriad ways in which Patrick has thoroughly fucked up his life, but the capper is that Patrick is currently hiding out from Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, which is (theoretically) the only entity I am aware of that might be able to help Patrick salvage what little remains of his sad-sack, bankrupt, debt-laden, misogynistic existence. And they are really, really, really fucking pissed off with him.

Truth be told, once upon a time, I had a modicum of sympathy for Patrick, given that he is clearly not all there, and I went out of my way to give him countless chances to make amends and deal with this. 

Not anymore.

Now I am going to devote whatever there is of my infrequent spare time to trashing his pathetic life, perhaps as a lesson to the other arrogant, self-obsessed incels out there who think they can pull shit like this year after year. And I am in no rush. Everything Patrick does is designed for immediate gratification and short-term victories, while I am choosing to take the long view. Given that Patrick's father is reportedly in questionable health, it is only a matter of time before Patrick's life takes a very ugly turn for the worse when there is no one there to protect and enable him.

And I will be waiting.

P.S. And if Patrick thinks it can't get any worse, I am still in the market for any information as to where he works these days, because once I identify his employer, I can assure you, things will get worse. Much, much worse.

Yeaaahhhh ... how's that working out these days?

P.P.S. By the way, what Patrick claimed above is a lie, which is easily provable in a couple of ways.

First, no remotely sane lawyer would have ever said that to Patrick, given that there is absolutely no basis for that position. No sane lawyer would have examined my 2010 judgment against Patrick, then advised him that he had nothing to worry about. That is simply unthinkable.

More to the point, if Patrick had retained a lawyer, then it would have been that lawyer corresponding with my lawyer at the time, and that never happened.

So Patrick lied. I'm sure you're shocked.

We're not done here.


RossOwesDay said...

Looks like Mr. Skinner will rightfully be awarded costs, and we're going to have to change our name to RossOwesDayNSkinner. RODNAS?

RogueNerdOne said...

OSB has the opinion Patrick is such a dishonest debtor, thanks to the mountain of data I gave them in your legal history with baby mullet legalese failure, Patrick Ross.

His consistent and damaging behavior from your action is coming to take it's pound of flesh. On the topic of surety, Patrick wouldn't be able to pay it. Any money over his basic needs ($21 burgers aren't a basic need), should be handed to you Robert until your judgement and any costs added are paid.

By Patrick dodging the OSB due to his trustee dropping him and dodging keeping his bankruptcy file (he was told once his trustee dropped him, he was solely responsible for keeping his bankruptcy employment history and living address up to date.

Most people want to get out of bankruptcy, but not Patrick. I've heard he's asked for "The baddest undischarged bankrupt this side of Lloydminster" engraved on his tombstone the province supplies to all who can't afford burial services.

There's more, but that's all I'm releasing at this point. Once I get the letter from the court that OSB is sending, I will post it for all to see.

For the last time, that little SCC case Patrick found doesn't apply to him. In fact, they said the two cases are fundamentally opposites. Patrick has no trustee and is an undischarged bankrupt for non-completion of his agreement. The woman in Patrick's SCC case was an undischarged bankrupt, not for lacking of completing her bankruptcy terms, but because she hadn't completed all her terms and was still completing them WITH a trustee's help. Her trustee passed the case to her; Patrick has no option there.

He'd have to pay off his previous trustee or pay some sort of reinstatement fees to resume his bankruptcy, but he'd also have to get current with Robert's judgement and cost awards. His handling of his life has destroyed it.

I've also heard there's a possibility that Ross is autistic. It would make sense to be honest.

MgS said...


… possibility that Ross is autistic

Or, he could just be an asshole.

MgS said...

Wild guess regarding Patrick having “talked to a lawyer”: He likely as not talked to a lawyer or two on a “half hour free consultation” basis, and the lawyers may have said something like “we can resolve this fairly easily”.- assuming of course that both parties were being reasonable and up front with their respective counsel. (And a few years ago, maybe that was still on the table). However, when it came time to pay the lawyer the retainer, Patrick was unable / unwilling to do so, and decided to self-represent, with predictable results.

Anonymous said...

@CC @RogueNerdOne I wonder how many people wrote the OSB on Patrick?

Furthermore, I wonder if any of the people that recieved legal threats from Patrick also forwarded such to the OSB along with written complaints?

I mean, if multiple people send examples of Patrick's tomfoolery, then it would be so much harder for him to weasel his way out of being responsible for his threats.

Time is coming. No action from OutlawTory in 4 months; little relevant posts on DragonFireIdeas.....he's quiet cause he's cooked & on the run.

Anonymous said...

This is such a needlessly tragic story that, unfortunately, feels indicative of where we are at as a society. It’s just so easy for people with perhaps mental health issues, or just a dangerous blend of naïveté and ignorance and self-confidence, to get suckered by the internet into thinking they know everything. That anyone who disagrees with them is the true “sucker”, and then just rattle off endless conspiracy theories and ignorant BS they “researched themselves.” People like this seem intent on doing harm to others, while also believing they are the hero or the freedom fighter. Meanwhile, the internet has made it so easy for them to run away and hide from any personal responsibility for their actions, but then puts 100x the work on others to fix or correct or manage the problems caused by someone who only cares about short term gains (or the perception of them anyway). Something is very wrong when everything political now is so easily broken by a minority of vocal and aggressive suckers, but dealing with them and repairing the damage takes so god damn long and so much effort by countless agencies . This “freedom rally” is another example. I wish I had some optimism for the future, but I just don’t see how it’s possible for things to improve.

Anonymous said...

Is he embedded in one of the convoys? $700 a week in cash is the going rate I believe, but maybe less if he doesn't have a big rig.

RogueNerdOne said...


I only know of 4 people who have. I emplore others to submit complaints against Patrick with the OSB (

Patrick wants me to ignore his ineligibility to file his own case, by following all court procedures. Well I am. I'm insuring the Justices don't have to waste time with this drivel.

Here's another tidbit that OSB dropped: They would like to know how an undischarged bankrupt for over 7 years values his worth at a million dollars. Even the settlement offer of 250,000. The woman on the phone said he's simply trying to get my to cave so it can pay off Robert and he can sue to his hearts delight. Well in a year after he's discharged from his situation.

Also, as he values himself worth that net amount, they'd like to know how he came to that number. They don't think him working at Rona (that's the last time he updated anything with his file) makes him soft that much. If he is worth that much, why hasn't he paid this off.

Plainly put, by Patrick being ingignant about the situation he's created further problems with his life. My only hope is he's trying to flout speaking to them until our eventual court date. Then it gets fun for me. And yes, and that is code we have something up our sleeves.

CC said...

RogueNerdOne: Regardless of how this works out, Patrick is massively screwed and there is no way out of this that ends well for him.

Given that court proceedings are public, if your case is actually heard, I will be applying to attend (by Zoom, of course). Given the OSB's position that Patrick has fuck all in the way of standing to prosecute this case, he will lose, you will get costs, and he will almost certainly (based on the OSB's position) be labeled a vexatious litigant for prosecuting an action he was quite clearly told by the OSB was meritless. (If I were you, I would insist that your OSB rep attend that hearing as well.)

On the other hand, if the hearing is scheduled and Patrick does not show, he will lose by default (at least he's good at that), you will again get costs and, again, Patrick will be labeled a vexatious litigant.

Finally, if Patrick withdraws this action before a hearing, you will be entitled to full discontinuance costs and, yup, vexatious litigant.

The hilarity in all of this is that Patrick clearly filed this action to annoy and inconvenience you, and waste your time and money. In the end, there is no outcome that will not put him further in debt.

He really is that stupid.

P.S. I have been advised by people who know this sort of thing that Patrick is skirting dangerously close to having an arrest warrant issued for him. In particular, when you win your case and are awarded costs and Patrick neglects to pay, you should *aggressively* pursue charges for non-payment. It would be some kind of amusing to have all of me, you, the OSB, the Saskatchewan sheriffs *and* either Alberta police or RCMP looking for him.

He really is that stupid.

CC said...

RNO: It's worth pointing out one way that Patrick has screwed himself in a way that he cannot recover from, and that is his perpetual habit of refusing to acknowledge people trying to contact him, and refusing to respond to legal service, and refusing to reply to emails and phone calls and official correspondence, to the point where the process simply moves on without him.
And once that happens, there is no way to turn back the clock.

Patrick did that with my original filing of defamation against him; once we filed the Statement of Claim, Patrick officially had 40 days to reply. Despite repeated reminders and my giving him five full months to serve something, we heard nothing from him, so we went ahead and had him found in default. And once that happened, he was well and truly fucked, as there was no conceivable way he could undo that damage.

That this is Patrick's unmanageable problem is seen in that, during the hearing to register my judgment in Saskatchewan, the judge pointedly asked Patrick why he had made absolutely no effort to object to the original judgment or its registration in Alberta. Patrick hemmed and hawed and apparently whinged on about his mental illness, and how he was prevented from doing that by my perjury, or harassment, or whatever other bullshit he spewed. The judge kept asking for a coherent explanation, and finally cut him off in the middle of him repeating the same irrelevant nonsense. Again, Patrick was totally fucked by his inactivity and refusal to deal with things.

And it's the very same with you -- if this gets to court, all you need to do is present the overwhelming evidence of numerous people trying to contact Patrick and his complete refusal to reply to any of it. And, most importantly, there is no way to undo that damage anymore. It's done, and Patrick is thoroughly screwed because of it.

Anonymous said...

It seems like Patrick Ross's legal abilities to self represent & self litigate are similar to Homer Simpson's attempts at successfully putting together a working BBQ pit. (Which Homer exceedingly fails at.)

RossOwesDay said...

Homer Simpson is a little bit smarter than Patrick Ross, but this is a spot-on analogy.

RogueNerdOne said...

@CC: That was something I was keeping back.. vexatious litigant.

I'm told there will be measures put in place (labelling him a vexatious litigant) to stop him from doing this to other people. They are of the opinion that via dodging service, refusing to update his OSB file (or simply speak to them), and taking Robert's situation to the point of requiring Sheriff involvement to seize assets, he most certainly is a dishonest litigant. His motions alone tell that story.

Being Patrick has decided to take this path, they believe until he reinvests in a trustee to manage his affairs he has to right to litigate against others.

Overall I've counted 7 times a Justice has said Patrick was being dishonest about some aspect of Robert's case. His trustee called him a dishonest debtor almost a decade ago.

We all have to remember this is a 40 yr old man who caused his situation with Robert when he could have simply kept his mouth shut. Again, he started this with me because I laughed at the video of Tyler inserting his foot in Patrick's ass with the proper amount of force. Since then I have proxies, edited videos, and have been such a boogeyman Patrick ran to GP RCMP 3 times and was told I'm not doing anything illegal.

I can guarantee 2022 is going to be a year Patrick never forgets and not because it's going to be positive. Karma is about to do what Tyler did except use excessive force to kick him in the balls. I can't wait for it to happen.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I was referencing lol.