Thursday, February 10, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Rock and a hard place -- Part Deux.

Again, no new developments, but y'all might be amused as to another way that undischarged bankrupt and convicted malicious defamer Patrick Ross has thoroughly screwed himself.

When I was informed that the Saskatchewan sheriffs had made their first collection against Patrick's credit union account (almost $6,500), I was a bit perturbed as to why it took a few weeks for them to turn that money over to my coruscating lawyer. Well, it turns out there is a perfectly respectable rationale for that.

Whenever assets are seized, the unfortunate victim has the right to object to the seizure, and there's a reason for that, in that you are never allowed to totally strip someone of everything they own, to the point where they simply cannot survive to the extent that they are no longer able to pay rent or purchase food, that sort of thing. It's why every province that supports garnishment of wages defines a certain amount that is "exempt" from seizure; effectively, to make sure one still has a minimum living wage.

The same principle applies to seizing someone's assets as I am currently doing with Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen -- once Patrick's bank account is emptied, the law will hold the assets in trust for what appears to be a few weeks, giving Patrick the opportunity to object and ask for some money back. But here's why I'm pretty sure that's never going to happen.

First, to do that, as before, he'd have to come in from his cabin in the woods, and provide accurate and reliable contact information for proper legal service. But that's not the biggest of his problems. As I read it, in order to argue that you need to keep some of your cash to survive, you need to provide compelling evidence that you have no other source of income and no other assets, and you can see now why Patrick is totally screwed.

As I understand it, Patrick's application for recovering any of his cash would have to be accompanied by a full, complete and notarized disclosure of all his assets and income: his job and salary, other bank accounts, any property listed in his name and so on, and I think we can all agree that the last thing Twatrick wants is to have to lie about any of that under oath.

In short, while Patrick has every right to object to my cleaning out his bank account on a regular basis, I'm not worried that he's going to raise any kind of fuss about it, since I'm pretty sure that would end very, very badly for him.

The end.

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Dino said...

I wonder..
If Patrick was able to re-animate the Ranger, dig out his Ninja Turtle costume, and make his way, like all good street fightin', cosplayin' freedum warriors, to the Frontline with the "crap in the ditch" brigade.
Alberta and Saskatchewan's version of the Foreign Legion, and a definite loser magnet.