Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The collection continues!

The latest from the Saskatchewan constabulary:

"Further to the update you were provided on January 25, 2022, our office has received funds from Synergy Credit Union in response to the Notice of Seizure of Account. We obtained $2,525.27 and currently hold $2,557.07 in trust."

In other words, given the rate that I am collecting my judgment from Patrick Ross, it's not clear that this is even covering the accruing interest and ongoing enforcement charges; in short, it's quite possible he owes me more now than he did when collection proceedings started.

In case you cared.

BONUS TRACK: Stop by later when I crowdsource the tracking down of Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen to speed up the process.


RossOwesDay said...

Congratulations on the small windfall!

Since the sheriffs only seized about $2.5K this time, instead of the entire ~$109K balance, does this mean that Twatrick's Synergy Credit Union bank account has been tapped out?

CC said...

ROD: Correct. As I understand it, each attempt at seizure will empty Patrick's account up to a maximum of what he owes me. Rinse and repeat.

RossOwesDay said...

CC: Cool! If I recall, Twatsy (or any deadbeat loser in his position) is allowed to keep $2100 for living expenses?

It's going to be verrry embarrassing for Twatrick when he takes out his debit card at the Grande Prairie Great Canadian Brewhouse to pay for his extra large plate of loaded nachos....

CC said...

ROD: I believe that $2100 exemption relates to wage garnishment; that is not what is happening here, this is pure seizure of any identifiable assets, which does not recognize exemptions.

Now, if I recall correctly, Patrick has the *right* to object to these proceedings, and argue that he has the right to keep a certain monthly amount but, as of this moment, he has not done so, which means I'm entitled to everything the sheriffs can get their hands on.

Rev.Paperboy said...

cripes, that's more than a hundred of Twatsy's favourite hamburgers right there! I hope the Saskatchewan sheriffs are relentless to the point where we get to see photos of Patsy wearing a barrel and begging for loose change on the streets of Lloydminister

RogueNerdOne said...

I noticed a pattern forming with the nicest undischarged bankrupt this side of the Sask border:

Loses in spectacular fashion to Robert
Loses in spectacular fashion to all his ridiculous appeals
Loses in spectacular fashion to the Sheriffs office seizing his property.
Loses in spectacular fashion to the OSB, who he's terrified of contacting.
Loses in spectacular fashion to me, and he doesn't realize it yet.

He's calling himself a gutless asshat who makes time to harass people, after denying doing something until he lost in spectacular fashion when I posted proof of him doing exactly what he denied on Twitter.

Then there's him calling himself a low rent actor out of work.

We need to add loser to his list of nicknames. Any suggestions?