Sunday, May 16, 2021

None dare call it "racism."

Ezra: "All right, Sheila, we need to keep pandering to our core demographic of gullible, ignorant, xenophobic, scientifically illiterate evangelical Christians and Jordan Peterson fans, so get out there and write something racist!"

Sheila: "On it, boss."

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Anonymous said...

This story exemplifies several of Sheila's trashiest techniques, which you ably explore in your next post; stringing together unconnected snippets from multiple sources, implying connections that don't exist to reinforce favourite Rebel Fear and Loathing messages. If I may point out just how how dishonest this article is:
- She implies that the training exercise referenced in the article involves Chinese military pilots. It did not: the client was the Malaysian Air Force. The private sector firm providing the training under contract to Malaysia has, in the past, provided test pilot training to clients around the world, including clients in Italy, Turkey and China. No connection with this training exercise.
- She implies that Canada is preparing to hire military pilots from "enemy countries". The article she appears to be referencing, from Wings Magazine, specifies that if Canada DOES experience a shortfall because of attrition and turnover, Canada MAY recruit pilots from NATO or other allied countries. NO connection with this exercise, or China.
- She states that the Minister was personally briefed on, and approved, these enemy aliens learning to destroy our cities, and backs up her claim by reading (in her best outraged smirking schoolmarm voice) a section of boilerplate that requires "The Minister" be informed. Apart from the fact that this exercise didn't involve China at all, she also seems, or pretends, to believe that everything in Canadian government that references "The Minister" is brought to the personal attention of each specific Minister for their personal scrutiny and approval. I don't know whether this represents complete ignorance on her part of the working of government, or deliberate exploitation of her readership's stupidity, but it's a favourite trick of hers.
- She promised to present the ATI documents "later", but shows part of them onscreen, with key sentences highlighted and zoomed in on. This is presumably because if you actually have the documents, her bullshit is quickly debunked, and her misleading use of selected, out of context phrases becomes obvious.

She really is a slimy piece of work.