Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Rebel News: Never afraid to tell the bullshit side of the story.

Here we go again with the "They're arresting Christian pastors! PASTORS!!!" And why would they be doing that? Let's ask.

Here's the utterly dishonest hacks at Rebel with their inconsolable sobbing over this ostensibly egregious violation of religious freedom ...

I know ... let's check in with actual journalists to see what happened, ah, there we go:

So the good pastor was not found in contempt simply for "holding a church service" ... no, he was found in contempt for openly and blatantly violating an existing court order. That's sort of the thing that gets you found in contempt. But wait ... it gets so much better:

In short, the good pastor was thumbing his nose at the court and making it clear he had no interest in the court's interim order. Is that all? Fuck, no, it gets so much better:

Well, then, that would be the pastor openly telling the court to fuck right off and challenging -- nay, outright defying -- the court to do something about it. Which courts are wont to do.

It goes without saying that you won't learn anything about Pastor Hildebrandt's total and utter assholishness at Rebel News. Which is why real journalism still exists.


Anonymous said...

So that idiot pastor was ordered not to overcrowd his church, and he didn't just do it again, he talked smack to the court about it? And that's why Ezra and David and Sheila are bawling their eyes out? Fucking morons.

Anonymous said...

You missed a SPECTACULAR Rebel-ism yesterday - one of the best/worst yet.

Early in the afternoon, they published an EXCLUSIVE LEAKED MEMO from Suncor, on Suncor letterhead, purporting to be note informing employees that vaccinations in their unit would henceforth be mandatory, and that employees failing to comply would have their site access revoked.

It was immediately obvious to me that it was fake, for several reasons.
a) It was undated.
b) It was signed by a "Matthew Caouet". A quick linked in, google and corporate site search revealed no such person; and indeed, no one named "Caouet" anywhere (the spelling would normally be "Caouette")
c) The memo provided a URL for further information. It was fake.
d) The memo was riddled with typos and grammatical errors.
e) The entire concept was, of course, a legal impossibility.

None of that, of course, registered on the Rebel readership, who loyally chimed in with the usual chorus of "fuckin Turdo" and "SunCOMMIES!!" and other in depth analysis.

I posted the suggestion that this was obviously a fake, made a snarky comment about Rebel editorial standards, and checked the "shares". Over fifty people had already shared the story.

About two hour later I returned to the site. The story had been wiped, and there, for the first time in living memory, was an actual retraction. No explanation, no attribution for the error. Just - "it was wrong, forget about it".

It all raised interesting questions, mostly rhetorical.
- Is the entire Rebel team SO dumb they couldn't spot a fake that a mere reader like me flagged in a minute?
- Is there literally NO fact-checking, editorial review, or editorial control going on?
- Who actually punked Ezra on this one, and which Rebel wizard was the idiot chosen to receive the fake?

Most interesting to me is the fact that in five years of reading, this is the first actual, bona-fide retraction I've seen - and that's after hundreds of lies and errors in their stories have been patiently flagged for them. What's the difference this time? Oh, right - this time they slandered a OIL company.


CC said...

Please tell me you have a screenshot.