Friday, May 14, 2021


So, just to be clear, the media outlet and its founder who gleefully celebrated a 15-year-old child soldier being shot, then sent to Guantanamo Bay where he was imprisoned and tortured for the next 10 years are now sobbing inconsolably over the devastating emotional hardship of simply being told not to gather in large groups unmasked to sing the praises of an invisible sky fairy until we're over a deadly, global pandemic.


Do I have that about right?

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Anonymous said...

Ezra has a track record of hitching his star to aggressive, utlra-right self-promoting professional hatemongers in a cynical bond of mutual parasitism. As long as they play the game, they provide him with hours and hours of video; he provides them with a platform, a megaphone, and the notoriety they feed off. It's the media version of "The Human Caterpillar".
And like "The Human Caterpillar", these unholy alliances inevitably collapse because there's just not enough sustenance in these closed systems. Tommy Robinson, Gavin McInnis, Faith Goldy, Milo, Katie Hopkins - these are HUGE egos; and Ezra's ego doesn't leave much space in the room to start with.
Right now Pawloski is the Martyr du Jour, basking in the non-stop, wall-to-wall attention he never received during his Muslim hating, gay-bashing days. It won't last.