Saturday, May 01, 2021

It's just as bad as you knew it would be.

Jesus freaking Christ ...

By the way, if you want to know what kind of total quack is Roger Hodkinson, here you go. It's inconceivable that Bexte was unaware of the questions surrounding Hodkinson's street creds so, well, now you know the level of journalism you're going to get.

Good luck.

WELL, this is interesting ... it appears that the good quack of a doctor is not all that new to the yammering nits at Rebel News ... here's an idiotic piece from June of last year:

where Hodkinson, stunningly, leaves a comment:

At this point, it seems fair to ask: What self-respecting and legitimate member of the medical profession not only reads Rebel News, but descends to the point of wallowing in the fetid cesspool that is the comments section?


Anonymous said...

This matches what a lot of people have been saying -- that Bexte was finally given the boot from Rebel because he was too much of a deranged, dangerous idiot for even Ezra. Ezra might publish a lot of irresponsible rubbish about COVID-19 and lockdowns and vaccines, but I think he knows not to cross the line into stupidity like "COVID-19 is a hoax!"

Bexte doesn't seem to have any such limits. He's exactly the kind of guy who'd publish stuff about the Dems running a pedophilia ring out of the basement of a pizza parlor. And I heard that his rampant racism was starting to be a problem.

Anonymous said...

The other rumour I heard was that Bexte wanted a much bigger portion of the take at Rebel, and was getting pissed at how much incoming revenue was being used to pay Ezra's legal fees and judgments and costs. If you add up everything Ezra's blown on lawyer's fees and appeals and judgments and cost awards over the years, it's easily over a million dollars, and the talk is that Bexte was fed up with all that money being wasted on Ezra's stupid legal fights with everyone.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid poor Keean greatly overestimates his own talent and potential. He was an interesting daub of paint on the Rebel palette - the shrill, yappy little millennial bigot catering to the racists and Wexiters with lots of rage and no filter. He filled a slot, just as Dave Menzies is the "dumb AM radio shock jock past his prime". Drea Humphries is the "Look, we got a black woman!" fig leaf, Raheel Raza the "Look, we got a MUSLIM!", Sheila Gunn Reid your vice principle, and so forth.
What little life and "journalism" experience Keean can claim, he owes to the Rebel readers' willingness to send him under Sheila or Avi or Dave's wing to exotic locations, where he got to talk about being in exotic locations.
Ain't nobody going to organize, fund, or handhold him through those junkets now.