Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sheila Gunn Reid: Garbage human being.

I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know when I suggest that Rebel News' Alberta Bureau Chief and oil patch trailer trash Sheila Gunn Reid is a vile, rancid piece of human garbage without a shred of principle, ethics or integrity. I've pointed out on previous occasions that Gunn Reid is an outrageous and blatant liar, but she's really outdone herself this time. Let me entertain you with an explanation.

From only a couple days back, here's Gunn Reid (with recently-corrected headline) clearly insisting that there is some sort of "anti-free speech restraining order" currently being debated in the courts:

An "anti-free speech restraining order?" My word, but that does sound serious ... is the Alberta UCP government really involved in ruthlessly crushing the right of citizens to, say, speak their mind? Is this really censorship? What could it all mean? And lest you are not adequately horrified, Gunn Reid continues to bloviate on about the dire threat to "free speech":

At this point, we are all sufficiently worried about this terrifying threat to basic democracy, which is when Gunn Reid reverses course entirely and admits what this is really all about:

Ah, it is now clear ... despite Gunn Reid's hysterical hyper-ventilating, this has absolutely nothing to do with "free speech," and is simply another case related to current provincial health regulations banning large gatherings in order to prevent even further COVID-19 transmission. So what the fuck is Sheila prattling on about, and how did she get from health regulations to shrieking like a deranged screech harpy about free speech?

Oh ...

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. The burning stupid.

To sum up, here's the flow of logic emanating from the diseased mind of one Sheila Gunn Reid:

  1. For health reasons, the law currently prohibits certain types of public gatherings.
  2. A political protest is one example of a public gathering that might be illegal.
  3. Therefore, the law prohibits political protest and is therefore an attack on free speech.

No, really, I am not making this up ... those are actual screenshots from Gunn Reid's utter nonsense, which clearly counts on the diminished mental capacity of its readers to be taken seriously.

It's hard to know whether Gunn Reid is either this mouth-breathingly stupid, or this spectacularly dishonest. I'm going to guess it's a combination of the two but, regardless of what side of the fence you come down on, there's not much debate that she really is total garbage, both as a journalist and as a human being.


Anonymous said...

This logic is so stupid, you could argue anything with it. Here's an example. Let's say you're driving out to the cottage to meet your fishing buddies and you're running late, so you're speeding and end up speeding through a school zone, and you get pulled over.

The cop is about to give you a ticket and you say, "Officer, perhaps you don't understand, but I was going to meet my fishing buddies."


"Well, Canada's Charter of Rights guarantees me the right of free association, and I'm trying to 'associate' with my buddies at the lake, so by pulling me over and giving me a ticket, you're infringing on my right to free association."

"Uh, dude, I'm giving you a speeding ticket."

"No, that's not the way I see it, and I'm sure there's a constitutional challenge here."

"Here's your ticket, asshole."

It seems like this is the stupid kind of argument you find at Rebel News all the time.

Anonymous said...

The Rebel, and the alt-right generally, have found in COVID a long running and apparently inexhaustible source of R&R (rage and revenue) that hits all the right buttons: Government interference with their "freedoms"; picturesque clerical martyr/thugs even more marketable than Tommy Robinso; an opaque, self-contained funding ecosystem that siphons off donations from the long-suffering rubes into a chain of pointless legal challenges and appeals that will keep the Rebel and their lawyer associates fat and happy for years; and of course, hours upon hours upon hours of "reports" recycling the same catechisms mock-legalisms by that same mock-experts to the same slackjawed, credulous wallowers in the muck.