Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Dear Sheila:

Given the increasing weirdness surrounding the registered charity "The Democracy Fund" that Rebel News is encouraging people to donate through in order to qualify for charitable tax receipts, Rebel News oil patch screech harpy Sheila Gunn Reid may come to regret pointing people in that direction:

OH, MY ... Here's newly-minted Rebel dimwit Adam Soos, perhaps making a very imprudent guarantee to all his followers:

Perhaps it's time to remind a few folks of what Canada Revenue Agency thinks of running donations through an unaffiliated registered charity solely for the purpose of being able to issue charitable tax receipts:

Yeah, they're not big fans of the idea.

FORESHADOWING ... There is considerably more coming regarding CRA-registered charity "The Democracy Fund" (https://thedemocracyfund.ca/) and the people behind it, but that will probably have to wait until this weekend, so check back for more thrills, chills and spills at the appropriate time.


Anonymous said...

As always with the Rebel, the weasel wording is embarrassingly obvious.

None of the money goes "directly" to Rebel News? Of course not. You don't get a tax receipt for buying from a business. However, if the "Democracy Fund" receives your money and gives you a tax receipt, the "Democracy Fund" can roll its money over to anyone it wants within the scope of its boilerplate objectives. Ezra's very fond of the word "directly" in defending his funding.

The "Democracy Fund" is an interesting entity. Its website (https://thedemocracyfund.ca/) ticks off several of the criteria required to achieve charitable status in Canada, but provides NO information at all on their programs, services, projects, clients, donors, board, staff advisors, financing, achievements, or location, beyond a post office box.

That post office box is PO BOX 61035 Eglinton/Dufferin RO, Toronto, Ontario, M6E5B2
Curiously, the PO box listed for the Rebel at the Better Business Bureau is PO Box 61056 Eglinton/Dufferin RO Toronto, ON M6E 5B2. Huh. How 'bout that.

Anonymous said...

The Canada Revenue Agency provides a bit more detail on the "Democracy Fund".

Their corporate objectives include "To advance education by establishing a journalism placement program that provides post-secondary journalism students with opportunities to obtain on-the-job skills training required to complete their education program." That sound like a swell way to provide salary support for a site like the Rebel, doesn't it?
They also promise to "...advance and maintain substantive constitutional rights in Canada, through public education and strategic litigation seeking legal remedies for victims of constitutional rights abuses." Yep, looks like there might be opportunities there as well.
The site lists three directors for 2019 - Lyndon Dunkley, Joe Nadler, and Lyle Dunkley. Now I don't know who the Dunkleys are; here's a picture of a Lyndon and Lyle Dunkley attending a speech by Ann Coulter (remember, on that tour that Ezra helped out with?) but I can't say if it's the right Dunkleys or not. https://www.pressreader.com/canada/calgary-herald/20100404/282282431487422 Lyndon is listed here as an oil and gas analyst.