Thursday, May 06, 2021

Gosh, it's a mystery.

So Alberta is currently an absolute disaster in terms of COVID-19 cases ...


... I wonder why that is, oh, right ...

That would be the dumbass, scientific illiterates who are relentlessly encouraging Albertans to gather in large crowds unmasked to socialize.

Mystery solved.

P.S. It's amusing how that Star article emphasizes the record number of people in intensive care in Alberta:

even as the lying mounds of human garbage at Canada's "Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms" publish an utterly dishonest photo purported to be of an empty Alberta ICU which is, in fact, a totally unrelated picture lifted from a year-old CTV article:

This is the wretched dishonesty up with which you have to put from these swine.

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thwap said...

How big do you think the anti-masker demographic in Alberta is? I think it's about 30% of the population.

This seems to me to be a moment to implement the War Measures Act. If anything constitutes a crisis and a theat to Canadians' well-being it is this.

Trudeau should recognize that his party is already unpopular in Alberta, but the danger to public health (in Alberta and nationally) is so obvious that the deluded, self-centred bleatings of Albertan COVIDiots (inluding Ezra Levant) are less important than the lives that are at risk.

I have to think that the majority of Albertans are disgusted with these yahoos.