Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Canada Revenue Agency, where art thou?

Just pointing out that, as recently as May 10, Rebel News' Ezra Levant was still assuring donors that donations to his "Help Crowdfund Criminal Behaviour" fund would be eligible for official charitable tax receipts from the nebulous organization "The Democracy Fund":

despite overwhelming evidence that such donations were being received by, and processed by, not The Democracy Fund, but by Rebel News Network directly:

in what would appear to be in clear and unmistakable violation of Canada Revenue Agency regulations related to charitable giving:

A number of people have pointed out this apparent contradiction to Rebel News cub reporter and young man desperately looking for affection and someone to validate his existence Adam Soos, who clearly misrepresented what is happening here:

So far, Soos has declined to address the issue.

P.S. We're not done with The Democracy Fund yet, as we're going to take a look at the mystery characters running that thing in the near future. But there is one oddity about that web site that's worth noting, and that is that nowhere there do you find even a single mention of any campaign related to Christian scumbag and hypocrite Artur Pawlowski. None. Anywhere. Which is why it's so odd that Rebel News is relentlessly pimping out that that's where the charitable tax receipts are coming from. It is curious, is it not?

WEIRDLY, to this day and even after having it explained to him, Rebel's Adam Soos continues to insist that charitable tax receipts are a possibility, now going as far as to claim that "every donation" is eligible for such a receipt:

We'll see how that works out.


Anonymous said...

If Rebel News can get away with laundering all this money through a registered charity for the purpose of promising charitable tax receipts, then it should be open season on allowing ANYONE to do that, and the CRA should have no legal grounds to object to it. If they allow it here, then they should be forced to allow it everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I filed a complaint with CRA, including screenshots. I haven’t received a response or acknowledgement.