Sunday, May 02, 2021


Alberta continues to set records with COVID-19 infection:


Oh, wait, it's all a hoax:

Carry on, then.

AFTERSNARK: Despite what "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" Boy claims in his Twitter bio:

I'm going to guess Bexte is not getting into the White House as a reporter any time soon under the new administration. And if he's still accredited by the Alberta Legislature, then the Press Gallery there needs to remove their craniums from their sphincters.

I'm just trying to be helpful.


Anonymous said...

"Pathetic" and "Keean Bexte" go together like stink on fart, of course: but there's something about a kid kicked off a failing group video blog whose proudest masthead boast is that he was once issued a press pass.

MgS said...

The Press Gallery in Alberta is controlled (more or less) through the Speaker's Office ... and since the Speaker just happens to be a UCP MLA, well ... I'll let you do the addition ...