Saturday, May 08, 2021

None dare call it "douchebagitude."

Here's Rebel News' "mission specialist" and clown looking for his missing makeup bag David Menzies, only two days ago, lamenting the sorry plight of Trinity Bible Chapel in St. Jacobs, ostensibly suffering under the heavy hand of The Man:


"Pffffffft," sniffs Menzies disdainfully, "the horror of having more than 10 people in a church and closing them down for it! The oppression! The bullying! The fascist thuggery! Surely boxcars and death camps are next, amirite?"

And here's David from just back in December of 2020, creepily spying on a Toronto mosque because it had the effrontery to ... oh, fuck it, just read it:

You know, in this age of awkward political correctness and people at least making a minimal effort to hide their prejudice, it's refreshing to see Menzies so gleefully revel in his bigotry and in so public a forum.

Good for you, Dave. If you're going to be that much of a rancid bigot, you might as well own it.

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