Saturday, May 22, 2021


Rebel News' Ezra Levant, who's used the COVID-19 pandemic to run 2,538 separate fundraisers and raised 78 million dollars off of them, will now lament how some sleazy, unprincipled, shameless opportunists are monetizing disease, misery and death.


I have no adequate punchline for this. Seriously, I don't.


Anonymous said...

One really wonders what will be left for the Rebel after COVID. Their entire business plan at this point seems to consist of skimming the cream off their "fight the fines" and "save the pastor" and "sue the cops" fundraising, all of which are completely dependent on whatever rage they can generate off COVID restrictions. When that's gone, what's left??

I suspect the Fines program will be very short lived. The cases being "won" now are procedural; despite the Rebel's crowing about fighting "illegal and unconstitutional" restrictions, what's going on is no more dramatic that parking ticket dismissals.
I expect there will be a few attempts by Galati crew to grandstand for some of the higher level cases; these will be dismissed in lower courts (creating welcome precedents for other dismissals); a couple will be appealed and those appeals will be dismissed. Given Galati's dismal track record of high profile losses over the last five years, I think even Rebel readers will tire of pouring money down that bottomless well.
The pointless litigations will continue as long as there's a balance in the account to continue paying lawyers and Rebel fees, but that won't be long.

MgS said...

Since I think most of the money they raise is disappearing into Ezra's pockets directly, I doubt that many cases are actually being funded (one or two so Ezra can claim they "did something" when challenged, perhaps).

The rest is nothing more than fleecing the rubes to enrich Ezra.