Wednesday, May 05, 2021

There's stupid, there's really stupid and there's Sheila Gunn Reid.

Here's Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid, promoting and encouraging rural Albertans to get sick and die:

Here's Sheila, downplaying the severity of getting sick and dying:

And here's what's happening in Alberta as we speak:

And here's Sheila, doing all this for the sake of propaganda and getting a regular paycheque:

P.S. The depth of Gunn Reid's dumbass fucking stupid is almost beyond the ability of the English language to describe, as she is clearly suggesting that, once one "survives" COVID-19, well, then, hey, we're back to normal and good to go. It is difficult to appreciate the stupidity of someone who does not have the fucking sense to Google, say, "COVID-19 long term effects", to find articles like, say, this:

But, sure, why would things like long-term severe fatigue, cognitive issues, headaches and dizziness keep you from being a rodeo rider? It's not like that occupation is rocket surgery in the first place, is it?

AH, THE IRONY. Amusingly, it was just over a year ago when, for the sake of being pathetically racist by referring to the "Wuhan virus," Gunn Reid was imploring everyone to stay the hell home:

Having milked that position for all the PR and fundraising Rebel News could, to no one's surprise, Gunn Reid has now reversed position entirely, now fundraising by being the guardians of freedom and liberty for all and explicitly encouraging idiots to gather in large crowds unmasked, just to own the libtards.

I'm sure you're shocked.

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Anonymous said...

Is anyone treating this idiocy as a possible "super-spreader" event so that, in a week or two when there's a massive outbreak in Alberta, some or all those new cases can be traced back to here? If I was the RCMP, I'd be taking pictures of license plates. Fuck privacy concerns -- these people are dangerous.