Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Does everyone have their new talking points?

It seems like just last week Big Daddy was bitching and moaning about the dysfunction (all his fault, BTW) that has invaded Parliament. Wait a second ... it was.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper hinted strongly Thursday that he may do something to trigger an election because Parliament is not functioning anymore.
"Quite frankly, I’m going to have to make a judgment in the next little while as to whether or not this Parliament can function productively," Harper said, without elaborating on his plans.

But what a difference a few days (and some bad press) can make (emphasis gleefully added).

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is touting a "strong record" of legislative achievement just days after raising the spectre of a fall election by calling Parliament dysfunctional.

In an address to the party faithful that bore all the hallmarks of an election-style stump speech, Harper boasted about the gains his minority government has made while chastising Liberal Leader Stephane Dion for, time and again, failing to force an election.

"Well the next election has not been scheduled until October 2009 and, who knows, Mr. Dion may want to wait even longer than that," Harper told some 400 supporters.

"This really has become quite a soap opera."

Indeed it has, Big Daddy — and you truly are the biggest diva of all. Would you like to borrow my feather boa?

Oh for fuck's sake ... pick a position and stick with it, Big Daddy.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper continued to stoke the flames of election speculation Tuesday by saying he plans to spend the "next few weeks" contemplating whether or not his minority Conservatives will be able to govern effectively this fall.

No, really.


Anonymous said...

This is almost as good as Jason Cherniak's latest diva act.....

CC said...

Where's a United Way agenda item when you need one?