Saturday, August 23, 2008

Move those goalposts, baby. MOVE THEM!

Blogging Tory "splatto" comes perilously close to logical thought:

Election Dates - Fixed, or “Fixed”?

I’ll admit I raised an eyebrow when I read that the Tories may be thinking of initiating an election before the now infamous October 2009 date. It seemed to me that doing so would be going against the fixed election date law that had been passed very early on in their mandate.

And, yes, that is what we sane people are actually thinking. Fortunately, right-wing reasoning steps in and saves the day:

However, I’ve since realized something.

And that's when I stopped reading. No, seriously, that's when I stopped reading.

HEH. Indeed.

(Wag of the tail to commenter Stimpson.)


Mike said...

James Travers made a great anology in the Toronto Star the other day, comparing Harper's threat on his own government's life to the black sheriff in Blazing Saddles taking himself hostage.
I loves me a good Mel Brooks reference.

Ti-Guy said...

Good thing you didn't read any further. All that splatto realised is simply the latest talking point, pasted all over Boggin' Toree Fuckwit land. And it's still incoherent; Harpy was already heading a minority government when the legislation was introduced and subsequently passed.

...legislation that we should all acknowledge is largely unnecessary anyway, since Canada already has fixed election dates...five years from the day a parliamentary term begins.

Parliament doesn't need to be reformed for Canadians as much as it needs to be explained to them.

Chimera said...

"I loves me a good Mel Brooks reference."

Me, too. In fact, when it comes to politicians, I frequently quote another line from that movie: "We have to protect our phony balony jobs!"

Holly Stick said...

Let us not forget William Aberhart, whose Alberta government passed recall legislation, which they then repealed when Aberhart's own constitutents started working to recall him.