Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nobody tells me what to do.

Big Daddy gets his acountabilicious man-panties in a bunch over Chretien’s widely reported criticism and takes a bold stand (emphasis gleefully added).

While some international leaders like British Prime Minister Gordon Brown did not attend the opening ceremonies, more than 80 heads of state did, including French President Nicholas Sarkozy and U.S. President George W. Bush.

"I don't always do what Mr. Bush does," he said. "I haven't attended Olympics in the past. I indicated a long time ago I had no intention of attending this one, I have work to do in the country."

Foreign Affairs Minister David Emerson represented Canada at the ceremonies.

Big Daddy then went on to say "But I totally call him before super important functions to make sure that we’re not wearing the same thing 'cause, ZOMG, like that would be the worst. Thing. EVAH!!!1!111!!1!"


Red Tory said...

Except that his "work" in this case involved trotting around Atlantic Canada doling out money as part of his pre-election wind-up. It's not like he was actually doing the people's business in Ottawa.

M@ said...

I don't always do what Mr. Bush does

There's your campaign slogan, Stephen. Get the t-shirts made, pronto.