Friday, August 22, 2008

McVety Off Gases Again

You knew it was going to happen, it really was inevitable. As soon as the CRTC announced the licencing of an adult entertainment channel, the execrable Charlie McVety began to build up a head of methane and now he is running his yawping gas vent. The puffy mugged charlatan bunched up his facial sphincter and declared...

"It is to the public detriment to fuel an industry where women are degraded and treated as sex objects," he said.

Charlie McVety, diploma miller and spurious doctorate, has declared an end to advertising as we know it. Also, kiss beach volleyball good bye.

McVety says by setting such a high Canadian content requirement, the CRTC is effectively stimulating the growth of the domestic porn industry. "If private companies want to engage in such activity, it's not criminal in this nation, and they're free to do so. But for the government to use to public resource to promote such degradation shows how detached the bureaucracy is from the Canadian people."

Earlier today, I waded through some of the degrading filth and ignorance that passes for religious thought in the Canadian christosphere. These prigs, prudes and poseurs want to grind history into reverse and return women to domestic servitude. They abhor any sexuality that isn't in the service of generating more anthropomorphic junior robot parishioners. Yet they have made extensive use of internet based networking and marketing to get their product/message into peoples faces. If they were honest with themselves, they would recognize that the porn industry has driven online technology and spurred development of online communications and media delivery. In point of fact, porn has given these tools the tools they so desperately desire to monetize their perpetual whining and lies. After all, porn is bigger than Jesus and so were the Beatles.

So what does the bloated baby want now? Another round of censorship for the nannychrists.

He also says both CRTC and the cable companies give preferential treatment to lucrative porn broadcasters but short shrift religious programming. He is concerned that the CRTC will allow cable companies to offer the station on a free trial for a number of months.

Hey Charlie, put down the Vachon brand snack cakes and turn on the television, you have a whole fucking network to yourselves. You are using
my airwaves to spread your gospel of greasy leisure suited greed. It ain't like 100 Huntley Street hasn't been on the air since a little Stockwell tugged it to his first visions of a Jesusaurus and cowboys with big guns. But hey, we understand that bit about the CRTC letting them offer the station for a trial basis since all you Conservative types hate the free market. There's no place in the marketplace of ideas, imagery and iconography for things that you don't approve of and lacking your special brand of approval must mean something's teh evil. Well from where I sit, censors are evil. Charlie McVety is nothing more than a censor and not a particularly clever one.

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Frank Frink said...

His campaign against the Chief Justice of The Supremes is going down the toilet so he needs a new publicity angle.

He was quoted only two days ago as saying he 'disapproved' but wouldn't campaign against it because it was a "free-market thing".

Things changed within 48 hours.

And this one is as much of a loser position as any he's taken.

One thing to note in that Ottawa Citizen piece - no reference to him as 'doctor'.

CC said...

We clearly need more wholesome, family-friendly, right-wing media goodness. You know ... like this

Mike said...

If you don't think that cocksucker wouldn't have every woman in Canada wearing a Burkha and staying at home if he had the chance, you are nuts.

He's the same as the Taliban.

LuLu said...

He's the same as the Taliban.

He's worse -- the Taliban don't pretend to be anything but the misogynistic monsters that they are. Not-doctor McVety, on the other hand, tries to present himself as reasoned and caring and concerned for the good of Canadians as a whole when all he wants is everything his way ... which makes him a flaming hypocrite.

Chimera said...


*giggle* That's quite a mental picture...

exploderator said...

mmmm porn good. Fuck the disoaurs. We like sex. Don't be afraid to say it, it's 2000 years later, and time to be honest and sane and healthy.

Cum one cum all, let's play!