Thursday, August 28, 2008

Your Canadian tax dollars at work.

We're about to spend gobs of money on an election for ... what?

The prime minister himself has acknowledged that public opinion polls "aren't particularly wonderful."

"My expectation is that we will have another minority," Harper said Wednesday in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., where he's on a three-day, campaign-like swing through the Arctic.

In unrelated news, CPoC spokesdouchebag Kory Teneycke defended massive government cuts to arts funding, explaining that some of those funding choices were inappropriate, inefficient, and highly ideological. The irony was entirely lost on Ottawa's press corps.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the phoney "ballets" being sent out by local dimwitted MP's. Our tax dollars at work for whose ideological agenda? Perhaps Prime Minister McVety is involved in some of these cuts.

Ti-Guy said...

Why do Conserva-boys like Stephen Taylor's pal Kory Teneycke sound so shrill?

chris said...

Just in the door from work.
There was an anti-carbon tax/Dion ad on the local radio. "Paid for by the Conservative Party of Canada."
If it isn't cheating to start advertising before the writ is dropped, it should be.

liberal supporter said...

There was an anti-carbon tax/Dion ad on the local radio.
Was it the fake phone in show?

chris said...

Yeah, I guess.
60 seconds of "I can't afford another tax and sure can't afford Dion."
This will play well here in rural NS where the Libs don't have much of a presence.