Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The party of the troops.

Except, as always, not so much. I eagerly await Grampy McSame's outrage over this — I just won't hold my breath.


Romantic Heretic said...

Grrrrr. Assholes!

The Seer said...

If you were the Commanding General at Ft. Sill and you were accustomed to having everyone in sight kiss your ass how would you feel if you read in the papers about your troops complaining about mold?

Why do you always take the side of the troops, who are going to find something to complain about no matter what? Why can't you see the side of the Commanding General, who has enough problems without worrying about mold in the barracks? You, Lulu, are the kind of person who would complain about General Petraeus, the genius of Iraq, whom, St. John revealed earlier this week, is one of the most brilliant generals in history.

They don't hire troops to complain; they hire them to shut their mouths, do what they're told and be grateful.

Does St. John worry about VA benefits for the troops? No. He knows that if you give the troops a reasonably attractive alternative to the military, they will leave and there won't be enough left for the hundred year war in Iraq, unless you bring back the draft, which, politically, is dicey.

I say, fuck the troops; support the generals.

Anonymous said...

I thank God everyday that I do not wear the Stars and Stripes on my uniform. Their treatment of wounded veterans is truly disgusting.

Yes, we do have isses with our own system, however, it is light years ahead of the garbage seen down south.