Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sweet dancing Jesus …

A girl gets parachuted in to help save a bid and ends up working three straight weeks of 16+ hour days and for what? So Big Daddy and his merry band of in-and-out fuckwits could dump the announcement that the project had been scuttled late Friday night in the futile hope that no one would notice? Nice try, you smug, arrogant, accountability for me but not for thee jackass.

The Conservative government has quietly scuttled the navy's $2.9 billion project to replace its aging supply ships, saying bids from the shipbuilding industry were "significantly" higher than the money set aside for the program.

It has also cancelled a tender call for the purchase of 12 mid-shore patrol ships for the coast guard.

The decisions were announced in a statement issued at 8:30 Friday night by Public Works Minister Christian Paradis.

"These vessels are a key priority of the Government of Canada," Paradis said in the release. "However, the government must ensure that Canadian taxpayers receive the best value for their money."

And would you like to know why they weren’t receiving "best value for their money"? Probably because they completely ignored the suggested budget after their consultations with industry. After all, who knows better — those fools who build ships or Big Daddy?

Almost right from the beginning the plan ran into trouble as designers tried to incorporate everything into the ships that naval planners had requested.

The ships were expected to function as resupply vessels, cargo carriers for the army, a floating headquarters and possibly a hospital ship, depending upon the mission assigned.

Defence sources say the two consortiums that were bidding basically determined the ships could not be built for the amount of money the Conservative government had set aside.

Within the navy proposals were kicked around to cut the number of ships to two, but it was ultimately determined not to be practical from an operational point of view, said the sources who spoke on background.

Canada's Back, boys and girls.

CC HERE: Yo, Sandy! How are those Harper government "accomplishments" coming? Like, oh, this one:

(33) Military spending increased to a post-war peak, including the delivery of four C-17 Globe Master strategic airlift aircraft (Link) (Link) (Link)

Hey, I know ... let's follow that first link, where we read:

Harper set to announce $15B in military spending
Last Updated: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 | 8:42 PM ET

... On Monday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is set to announce in Halifax that the Conservative government will fund the building of three new supply ships at an expected cost of about $2.1 billion.

You can expect Harper propagandist and loving fellatrix Sandy to correct the public record the day Satan starts ice skating to work.

BONUS CC READER CHALLENGE: Is it worth checking to see if a single Blogging Tory makes note of this recent (and clearly embarrassing) development?


LuLu said...

Hmmmmm, let's see ...

Cancelled JSS bid + Blogging Tories = *crickets*

Dave said...

All quiet on the BT front. Although I'll admit I didn't look very hard. Interestingly, The Torch has it covered and they didn't hesitate to point out that both these cancelled projects were started under Liberal governments.

Unsaid: If the Harperites hadn't dragged their feet for so long these things would have already had the steel cut for them.