Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lalalalalalalalala … I can’t hear yoooouuuuuu.

Dear Ken Epp:

May I call you Ken? Thanks ever so. It has come to this girl’s attention that you have a nifty little pdf file on your web site addressing the "Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada’s false claims about Bill C-484" to use your exact wording. So I thought I'd give it all the attention it required. No, no ... don't thank me, it was truly my pleasure.

With all due respect, after carefully going through your 32 endless, oh-so-official-looking pages of textbook weasel-wording (the footnotes are an exceptionally nice touch), I really must call bullshit.

You can commission and release all the official documentation in the world, Ken, but it will never change the fact that C-484 is a back door attempt to recriminalize abortion in Canada. I'd have considerably more respect for you if you just admitted it. So, while you can fool all of the fetus-fetishists all of the time, you can’t fool me. Nice try, though.

Yours in official fact-checkiness,

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