Thursday, August 21, 2008

Liars For Jeeziz

Ahem 613-695-3186 you say? Seems to be a hodge podge of christers and whackaloos. Including but not limited to
Siege Canada. A group of retrograde authoritarian cranks desperate to turn the clock back to some imagined better day.

If you are like us, you don't have time for another conference just for the sake of a conference. We want to be in the middle of what God is doing and where He is - nothing less . We are running hard after HIM. This is why we are gathering in Saint John NB for our next national thrust: the REVERSE THE CURSE - SIEGE NATIONAL CONFERENCE. THE REASON: 40 yrs ago, in 1967, a generation ushered in movements. These movements included the sexual revolution, new age movement, women's (choice) movement and a movement of rebellion to authority. Proclaiming to be enlightened, a generation 'Divorced God' and married secular humanism. 40 yrs later we see the devastating results of these movements which were supposed to bring peace, joy and love. Instead they brought death, divorce, sexual disease, drug addiction, perversion and confusion.

But better still, 4mycanada is also the
Republican Party of Ontario. I shit you not. They are virulent anti-choice, anti-women, anti-sex zealots and nutbags. They are still beating the boards and lying through their little teeth about Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin.

In response, on Saturday McLachlin spoke out publicly denying all involvement in the process, claiming she has only voted once for a nomination to the Order of Canada (to break a tie) and that she only chairs the Committee because she is required by law to do so.
The fact that McLachlin made a statement over two months after Morgentaler recieved the Order of Canada is encouraging proof that this issue is very much alive and Operation MOCO and other efforts are effective. While McLachlin is trying to distance herself from the controversy, even if she did not vote for or against Morgentaler, it is still her job to maintain that the Constitution of the Order of Canada is followed, and she failed to do so.

Of course rather than substantively addressing McLachlin's comments they crow that their operation MOCO (Maximum Ovarian Control Organization) is succeeding. But then these people are fucking addled. Although in their efforts to spam and lie they are pretty open. So here's them exposing their ignorance, makes mopping up that much easier.

Action Points:
1. Write a letter to the editor or article in response to McLachlin's statements and submit it to your local and national newspapers
2. The Governor General has an online blog and forum! So far less than a hundred people have discussed Morgentaler's Order of Canada. Back in May when Premier McGuinty wanted to get rid of the Lord's prayer in the Ontario Legislator, so many Canadians logged onto his website that they crashed his server! This sent a huge statement both to him and the media.
Let's hit this from every angle - post your opinion on Morgentaler's Order of Canada here.
3. Continue to participate in Operation Moco by using our online form here and by sending in postcards (download them here).
4. Continue to pray.

They are encouraging their lurid trolls to deluge the Governor General with their insipid whining. If you have a spare moment, you might want to drop the GG a line in support of her splendid efforts representing our nation here and abroad. Just saying.

These characters may or may not amount to much of an organization on their own but they are certainly tied in to the larger fundie networks,, and So they probably do qualify as some sort of "group", a stunted, dim, mouth breathing group, but a group just the same. Sorry to disappoint.

Graphic by way of Stage Left


LuLu said...


I believe that would be game ... set ... and, above all, match for PSA.

MgS said...

I don't even want to know what you waded through to find that collection of insanity.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the rest of you but my divorce from god was filed on the grounds of mutual incompatibility, and was uncontested by either party.

... and nothing any of that bunch has to offer leads me to believe it was a poor decision.

Gigi said...

I think they need to discover the Bowel Movement.


Gigi said...

Wait wait wait.

If she voted once to break a tie, what are all the nutters going on about with the whole "up until now all appointees have been unanimously chosen" crap?